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Boredom Buster Mats.

Dogs love to sniff and forage for their food or treats.

My mats help by engaging their minds and encouraging their natural skills, keeping them mentally stimulated.

They are also great for Cats, Rabbits, Parrots, etc.

How to use 

Sprinkle their treats or dried kibble into the mat and let them use their amazing noses to find them.

Fantastic for dogs on restricted exercise, for older dogs with restricted movement, for puppies etc. (Great for taking to those Vet’s appointments while in the waiting room.)

The mats are made of good quality thick rubber matting and are well filled with polar fleece.

They are washable at 30*c or you can hand wash them. Allow them to dry naturally.

Tug Toys

I also make and sell Tug Toys of various shapes and sizes.

As well as…….

‘Settle Mats’

These are great for taking to a training class for your dog to learn a ‘Settle’ or Send away’, or to a pub or cafe, so they have their own place to settle down.

Items made from Dog Print fabrics.

Hand Bags,  Tote Bags,  Dog shaped Door Stops,  Cushions, Make up bags,  etc.  Bow Ties, Flowers for the girls and Bandanas.

These items I normally sell at the shows I do but please feel free to ask about them.

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